10 Things Happen When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

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10 Things Happen When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

Sister’s are nothing but a headache, but not if! she is your best friend. You can share anything with he!, she is the one who love you unconditionally and make you smile. You know whatever you do she will be there to hold your back.

Sister’s are blessing from God. Here we listed some of the things that happen when your sister is your best friend.

1. You have many options of Clothes, shoes or jewellery for parties.

enhanced-24675-1434661355-72. She knows all of your dirty secrets.

Dirty secret of sister3. The Only one who can embarrass you in front of others.

4. you love to celebrate her birthday like it’s yours

Birthday sisters

5. When things go wrong, she is the first person to have your back.

holding your sister back6. You never think twice about sharing personal things.


7. And you can make each other laugh just with eye contact.

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8. She is always honest with you, even if the truth hurts a lot…


9.You can easily share all of your gossips and drama even if she knows nothing about it.


10. When you’re apart for too long your life just feels unbalanced, like half of your brain is missing.

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