Urdu 1 Drama Andaz-e-Sitam Timings, Promo & Schedule

Andaz-e-Sitam Drama on Urdu 1: Timings, Promo & Schedule

Big Bang Entertainment is on a roll this year. It has been producing one play after another like Waada, Muqabil and now Andaz-e-Sitam for Urdu 1. However, the trailer of its latest production Andaz-e-Sitam failed to impress us. The story revolves around a young girl abducted by a man (Aagha Ali) who likes her. Seems like our writers have run out of ideas and kidnapping is their only solution

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Starting Date:

Watch the drama every Thursday at 8.00 pm, starting 5th January 2016.



Cast of this drama is Kubra Khan, Agha Ali, Ali Ansari, Faaris Shafi, Irsa Ghazal, Manzoor Qureshi and Directed by Ali Hassan, The drama lacks that unique touch which makes one want to tune in and watch its first episode, as it seems like we have seen all this before. Although Aagha will be playing the bad guy, we are sure by the time the show ends Ayat would have changed him into a good man.