Top 10 Upcoming Hollywood films you must watch in 2017


By far, 2016 gave us some very good movies like Zootopia and X-Men Apocalypse, you can expect Hollywood entertainment to do even better next year.

Take a look at the below list of top 10 Best Upcoming Hollywood Film of 2017

1. Star Wars:

kingEpisode VIII Looper and Brick’s Rian Johnson remains the most intriguing directorial hire in the history of Star Wars, as well as the only person besides George Lucas to both write and direct one of the franchise’s movies. It’s unlikely that the still-untitled Episode VIII will be as idiosyncratic as Johnson’s The Brothers Bloom, but after JJ Abrams’ solid but unspectacular table-setting, this latest trilogy is on good footing to try something a little bit new. Hard details on the movie, naturally, are scarce, but if Abrams’ Spielberg-isms felt too familiar, Johnson could be the one to liven things up.

2. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor-RagnarokExpecting an auteur stamp on a Marvel movie is a mug’s game, but call us mugs: the pairing of a Thor/Hulk “buddy movie” and director Taika Waititi could produce inspired results. Waititi, the Kiwi director known for comedies like What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilder people, brings much-needed levity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most dour and unengaging sub franchise, and might even give Chris Hemsworth a chance to employ the comic chops he showed off in Ghostbusters and Vacation. Of course, it won’t be all laughs: the movie’s subtitle refers to Norse mythology’s end of the world. But if Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo get to play Hope and Crosby along the way, maybe the journey to apocalypse won’t be so bad after all.

3. The Snowman

It’s been five long years since Tomas Alfredson’s stylishly grungy Cold War thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but this adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s murder mystery sounds like it might be worth the wait. Michael Fassbender stars as a detective on the trail of what may be Norway’s first serial killer, with Rebecca Ferguson as a like-minded detective and a cast that also includes Charlotte Gainsbourg, JK Simmons and Val Kilmer. It’s a bit odd to have Alfredson returning to his native Scandinavia with an English-speaking cast in tow, but it’ll be great to see what he does on familiarly chilly turf with a Hollywood-sized budget.

4. The Beguiled

It’s hard to envision a stranger match-up than Sofia Coppola and the Western genre, but that’s just what makes this remake of a Don Siegel/Clint Eastwood oater so intriguing. Although it’s set during the Civil War, the story of a wounded Union soldier (Colin Farrell) who seeks shelter in a Confederate girls school is a seduction at heart, and the photos from Coppola’s set suggest she’s doubling down on the original’s languorousness. It’s hard to imagine how Coppola’s take on this most masculine of genres might turn out, but that’s what’s exciting about it.

5. King Arthur


Legend of the Sword is an upcoming 2017 Australian-American epic adventure drama film directed by Guy Ritchie and written by Joby Harold. The film stars Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur. It is scheduled to be released on May 12, 2017, in IMAX and conventional formats.

6. The Wolverine 2

The-Wolverine-2The producers are going to send off Wolverine with a bang. We do not know what the film is going to be about but Hugh Jackman has a bit of more Wolverine within him. We will make sure he leaves a good mark before the wolvishness is gone forever. Wolverine in its first part appeared to be a typical Chinese plot movie with lots of Kung Fu, no real story and so much of Hugh Jackman. Yet it played well on the screens as people love the wolverine stepping out from a closet into real life. Cinemas actually echo with the sound of applause- we have witnessed that. James Mangold will be directing the sequel after the first part too. The release date is 3/3/17

7.Fast & Furious 8

Fast-Furious-8Yes! Looked doubtful after Paul Walker died in real and his character was given a fitting end at the end of the last film in the series. However, Vin Diesel himself confirmed that there is going to be another Fast & Furious. We do not know who is coming back to fill in the empty space but we do know that we can look forward to another sequel full of high tech cars, crazy driving, speed and acceleration (Why they do it manually still confuses me though!). 4/14/17 mark your calendars with this.

8. Wonder Woman

Wonder-Woman-Gal-GadotBatman v Superwoman paved way for another character towards the end of story: The Wonder Woman. Though we still laugh about the “do you bleed” part, we can safely say that Gal Gadot will be making a center stage appearance just as good as the other heroes in Marvel’s imagination-to-comics-to-films collection. You could even say that her performance will make way for another sequel a couple of months later. One must admit that Gadot does look quite cool in that Amazonian getup. The release date for this movie is 6/23/17

9. Spider Man: Untitled

Spider-Man-2017-UntitledThat is not the name of the sequel by the way because the producers have not thought of one yet. Yet, fans all over the world are excited because Spidey is coming back home to the Marvel Studios for a bit more web-slinging (letting the Editor do the libel and mud-slinging part). Who the new Spider Man will be is also not known yet but we hope he is going to be as amazing as promised. Whoever the man will be, he will be taking us back to Peter Parker’s High School days and probably trigger a bit of nostalgia in our lives too. Ready for the ride down the memory lane on 7/28/17?

10. Justice League- part 1


We have been teased so many times in the past about Justice League but never got to see it. It has a place in our hearts because it is made up of all the “geek” stuff! Since Marvel is already taking the spotlight next year, Justice League will be the feather in the cap. We are so looking forward to the darkest, the grittiest and the most epic version of Justice League that we have ever seen. It is just exciting to be having a film and how it comes out is altogether a different story. Watch out for 11/17/17 next year since a comic book story on your shelf is coming alive! Yay!