Project Ghazi, the First Superhero Film of Pakistan


After the movies like Khuda K Liye, Waar and Bol, Pakistani cinema is getting stronger and stronger by day.  Over the span of last 2 years our cinema has produced movies on almost every subject; Pakistani Love movies like Bin Roye; Movies on Pakistani history, Mantoo;  and many more.

But there was no superhero film like X-men, Batman and Iron man, this type of content lacked in Lollywood as it was to be built from the scratches. So now the wait is over.

Pakistan is going to produce its first ever superhero film named as Project Ghazi.

1141155-pasted_image_at______am-1468478060-926-640x480The star studded main casting will feature Humayun Saeed, Shehryar Munawar and Syra Shehroz. Revealed names of the characters are Salar being played by Humayun, Zain by Shehryar and Zara by Saira. The opposite will be Adnan Jaffar whose character name is Qataan.

A lot of of effort was made to make the costumes and every other thing as it was the first of its kind of film. Director Nadir Shah said that while travelling across the Pakistan, they countered the costumes of Hollywood superheroes but none of our own, so they aim to bring a change by introducing Pakistan’s own superhero. Syra Shehroz578643bd2d286

Talking about the roles,

Humayun and Sheheryar’s characters are equally balanced and compliment each other and they’re both playing superheroes, and Syra Shehroz will also be a superhero in her own way ”, Said producer Ali Raza.

It’s a story of an advanced soldier project and it spans over a period of 20 years.

Ali said, “ We strongly believe in Pakistan and the revived cinema of Pakistan. The superhero genre is owned by Hollywood. They’re the ones who started this and they’re the ones we would like to land closest to, if not be exactly like them.


“We will come up with a product that will make every Pakistani proud” Ali said.

The film is expected to hit the cinemas next year.