5 Essential Tips To Dress For Monsoon Weddings


Monsoon weddings do sound great because of the blooming rainy weather but it is not that beautiful as it seems. Rain do brings a lot of joy but this joy is accompanied by humid hot weather which might be a sign of trouble for bride and groom. Well let me introduce you to some essential useful tips that will help you dress perfectly and will save you from troubles.

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  1. Grooms should look out for light stuff for sherwani’s and blazers so as to avoid heat since attending your own wedding adds an extra pressure to the nerves. Colors should be bright as to suit the rainy season.


  1. Brides look incomplete without a heavily embroidery dress but say no to a heavy dress for monsoon season as it is better to avoid rather than regret afterwards. Keep it light and bright just like your groom.


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  1. Avoid heavy stuff like velvet and go for light stuff with chiffon, net, lace and fine tissue.


  1. As a monsoon bride, go for bright colors and you should also try out the neon colors as well.


  1. There can be no compromise on footwear but do prefer the ones with delicate stone work. And a useful tip, step into your heels when you are about to enter the event as it will save you from a lot of trouble including slippery aching