10 Daily Bad habits which are harmful for your hair

10 resons for bad hairs

Women want their hair to be perfect. They’ll do anything and everything they can to make their hair look and feel great. But some things you do to enhance the beauty of your hair are actually very harmful.

Here are some things that are horrible for your hair:

1. Not eating breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. It supplies your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to do well throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can be bad for your hair because it causes shedding and slows hair growth. They say you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper – make that your motto. Have a good, healthy breakfast and try and include foods like almonds, strawberries, eggs and cinnamon because they are the boost of energy your hair needs.

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2. Sleeping with wet hair

sleeping-with-wet-hair-goodhousekeepinguk__largeAs you know, your hair is weak when it is wet, sleeping on wet hair can pull and strain hair causing breakages and frizz. Wait for your hair to dry before getting to bed or shower an adequate time before sleeping. This way you can go to bed clean and still have healthy hair when you wake up!

3. Hot showersss

Though hot showers always feel great, they actually damage your hair and scalp quite a bit. The hot water washes away your hairs natural oils which can cause dandruff and cause your scalp to become dry and itchy. You should instead take normal temperature showers.

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4. Tying your hair extremely tight

Wearing your hair tight all day can put an unnecessary strain on your roots. This can cause your hair to break and damage it. If you’re tired of having your hair in your face and want to still tie it you can wear a hair band instead. It’ll serve the same purpose and won’t damage your hair as much as tying it tightly will.

5. Lack of sleep

0-sleepy-1480928037Sleep is not only essential for your body but also for your hair too. Not enough sleep and your body won’t be able to use the nutrients and minerals to keep your hair healthy and strong. An average person needs to sleep six to eight hours every night to recharge their body. Your hair also needs the same amount of time to recharge. Be sure to get enough sleep to keep your hair beautiful.

6. Smoking

0-image-1480928714This may surprise you but smoking is not only bad for you health but it’s also bad for your hair. Smoking is a major cause of dull and brittle hair. It also speeds up the process of greying hair. You can either stop smoking or use coconut oil on your hair as it helps stimulate the scalp increasing the blood flows to it, encouraging hair growth

7. Brushing wet hair

image_8-5-1Hair is more likely to get damaged when wet, so brushing your hair when it’s wet will cause it to break more easily. So either wait for your hair to dry up before brushing it or if you can’t wait and want to make your hair immediately use a thick comb when your hair is wet as it prevents breakages.

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8. Using hair straighteners often

c8a0271a6e53b5f11558a0f3c5a48a85Straighteners can damage your hair differently than blow dryers. Straightening your hair causes cracking along the edges of the cuticles, this can lead to chipping. This can also lead to breakage and split ends. To prevent this use your straightener at a lower setting, or massage your hair with olive oil as it’ll protect your hair from the damage done by straighteners

9. Not getting your hair trimmed often enough

0-image-1480928814You need to get your hair trimmed often because if you don’t your hair will get split ends which tend to divide becoming even bigger split ends causing your hair to thin and weaken. A woman should cut her on an average from six to eight weeks depending on how long she wants to grow her hair. If you want to keep it short cut it every four to six weeks. If you’re growing it out then eight to twelve weeks is ideal.

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15. Using too many chemicals


Going for too many artificial treatments is horrible for your hair. Too much colouring can cause breakage and a lot of damage to your hair. There are however certain ways to combat the damage your hair takes by taking certain healing treatments which will heal your hair and improve it’s health