10 Things That Happen When You Grow Up With Siblings

best sibling fight

10 Things That Happen When You Grow Up With Siblings

Having sister’s or brother’s is a blessing! Noway, its not! and if you have more than one sibling than your life seems like hell. They make your life miserable and you thought about killing them several times.

Here we listed some of the things that you have gone through  while growing up with sibling.

1.When one of your sibling eat your favourite chocolate or ice cream from the fridge that you hide from them.


2. When one of your sibling call you like its an emergency just to switch on the Laptop charger


3. Most of the fights starts because of ” k Mom Dad mujhy zayada Pyar krty hn”

You Liar

4. the Most common error, when they call you and take all of your sibling names but your’s

Calling daughter with other names

5. The best Way to shut your siblings up


Calling mom sibling fight

6. The Never ending Remote Fights


7. When you do something wrong but your parents blame your sibling for it


8. When you are not allowed to do something just because ” Abhi tum choty ho”

9. You hit them really hard and then try to make them stop crying before your parents find out!


10. When your parents take your older sibling’s advice when you ask for permission for something!

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