10 Pakistani comedians who’ve always make us laugh

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10 Funny Pakistani Comedian, Who’ve always make us laugh

In Pakistani film or drama industry, there are many extremely talented and and rib-tickling comedians who have made us laugh in their every act. Many super stars from the industry says, there is No Big Actor Than A Comedian. These comedians have had the guts to take making people laugh as a career and do very well at it. From stage shows, to tv shows; talk shows to internet videos – they’ve done it all and made us laugh rigorously.

Some of them are not just famous in Pakistan but also in neighbor country, India.

Here we listed some of the Top Pakistani Comedian’s who we will never forget.

1. Moin Akhtar – the King of Pakistani comedy.

Moin Akhtar pakistani comedian actor

2. Saad Haroon – pioneer of stand-up comedy in Pakistan.

Saad Haroon comedian pakistani

3. Umer Sharifm, the legendary comedy

Omer Shareef Legendary comedian pakistan

4. Anwar Maqsood – the brains behind of Pakistan’s top comedy shows.

Anwer Masood pakistani comedian

5. Danish Ali

Dansh Ali Pakistani Comedian

6. Shakeel Siddiqui The famous Pakistan comedian now working in Indian comedy night show

Shakeel Saddiqui Pakistani actor

7. Rauf Lala

Rauf Lala pakistani comedian
Rauf Lala

8.Naseem Vicky – always the side-kick, one who saves the day.

Naseem Vicky

9. Sohail Ahmed Azizi – the amazing Comedian who makes Pakistan’s issues look like a circus.

Sohail Ahmed Azizi pakistani comedian

10. Zaid Ali – the champ of vines and online skits.

zaid ali online champ comedian



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